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Disclaimer for Training: 7-Eleven franchisees are independent contractors and are responsible for all of their labor matters, legal compliance, and compliance with brand standards applicable to their operation of their 7-Eleven franchised store. The following training materials were developed for use by 7-Eleven, Inc. in its corporate-run 7-Eleven stores. We are making this information available for you to use in your 7-Eleven franchised store, if you so desire. Under the terms of your 7-Eleven Store Franchise Agreement, you are an independent contractor, solely responsible to control the manner and means of the daily operation of your store, including the training of store employees. By providing you with these materials, 7-Eleven is in no way altering your status as an independent contractor or assuming any responsibility for the manner and means of the daily operation of your store or any of your employment-related decisions. All decisions you make will be solely your own decisions. In addition, 7-Eleven does not provide any guarantees in connection with these materials, nor does it assume any liability for providing you with these materials. You are not required to use these materials, but you remain obligated to ensure that you and your employees comply with all applicable laws and meet the 7-Eleven brand standards set forth in the Franchise Agreement and Operations Manual. You are free to supplement or replace any of these materials.